HISTORIC TOWN PLANS of Lincoln, 1610 – 1920

by Dennis Mills and Rob Wheeler (with Lincoln Record Society)

This book collects together early maps of Lincoln. Speed published the earliest surviving map of the area in 1610; his work was followed in 1722 by that of William Stukeley who concentrated on archaeological features. The nineteenth century saw Lincoln mapped a number of times, by William Marrat and shortly afterwards by James Sandby Padley and the Ordnance Survey. It was the electoral reforms of the 1830s that drove the next map-makers to define ward and parish boundaries. The latter were well accommodated by the large scale first used in 1842 by Padley for his remakably detailed ‘large plans of Lincoln’. The collection ends with the OS map of 1920, a detailed record of the city scaled at six inches to the mile, where modern Lincoln is clearly visible.

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