First steps -

June - Nov 1995

On Saturday November 18th a public meeting was held at St Mary's Guildhall with 20 people present. Dr Alan Vince was elected Chairman, and Chris Johnson Secretary. An update on progress and plans was presented, concentrating on Wigford.

Plot numbers had been assigned for recording Wigford (below). Neville Birch had agreed to lead a project making a photographic record of the less visible features of High Street buildings within the suburb and this was underway: 80 frames of film had been used and an archiving system instigated.

Mary Lucas and Chris Johnson had arranged to provide guidance to students from Nottingham University Local History Advanced Certificate Group from January 1996, recording the histories of building plots in the Sincil Street, Melville Street and Waterside areas. [This material was used during the 2016 - 2020 re-development of the Cornhill Quarter by Lincolnshire Co-op and helped inform Dr Beryl George's study Lincoln's Cornhill Quarter: A surprisingly rich history (2018)].

Students from York University might be undertaking industrial archaeology recording in Lincoln in a future summer. Dr & Mrs Bennett would be recording churches and schools in Wigford, while Dr Finch and Chris Johnson hoped to gather information on the non-conformist chapels and meeting houses.

Wigford plots image.pdf