2. Ledger Column Headings


by John Herridge

There are 10 columns in the spreadsheets, as follows:

LEDGER ENTRY NUMBER. Please use this when making requests.

OWNER – generally a personal name, surname first, but institutions, names of firms, etc., also occur. Please use this when making requests, if available.

DESCRIPTION OF BUILDING – quite brief, e.g. house, alterations/additions to house, cowshed, workshop, club premises, new street, and many more.

SITUATION OF PROPERTY – i.e. the address, but for new build this does not usually have address numbers; see also ‘last address’.

ARCHITECT OR BUILDER – these are not separately distinguished – refer to directories, if necessary.

DATE OF APPROVAL – the forms are usually stamped as approved and countersigned by a person in authority. Please use this when making requests, if available.

CONDITIONS – only a minority of applications are affected, but the detail can be very interesting.

PLANS AND PAPERS LEFT – a column empty after 1 September 1874.

REMARKS – used mainly until the 1880s, and sometimes containing conditions. One stray one in 1930, otherwise finished by c.1890.

NOTES – is a free text field compiled by Heritage staff, mainly used to record the contents of each application as surviving, e.g. “1 plan 1 form” or “missing”, plus any other observations.