Lincoln’s West End: A History

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Lincoln's West End: A History (part 1)

Lincoln's West End: A History (part 2)

This work was the fourth in a series of booklets produced by the Survey of Lincoln. Like the others it plots the physical development of a particular part of the city of Lincoln over time. In doing so it aims to link the material alterations in the area to the social and changes which have prompted this physical transformation.

The boundaries of the West End are quite broadly cast. The western edge of the West Common forms the western boundary and the walls of lower Roman city (Lucy Tower on Brayford) mark the eastern extent. The northern boundary is the southern edge of Long Leys Road, and the southern boundary the Fossdyke.

The West End has a rich and varied history. Throughout much of its existence, the district has accommodated a diverse group of inhabitants, many living, to contemporary minds at least, uncomfortably close to industry and a variety of livestock. As the chapters in this volume underline, the reputation the district has today as one of Lincoln's most vibrant, dynamic areas in which to live has been well-earned.

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