Handling data

Data Protection & Information Security Policy (January 2019)

The Survey of Lincoln holds its members' contact details (eg. name, address, postcode, telephone number/s, email address) in paper and digital form in order to enable communication of information, the distribution of The Survey of Lincoln's members' newsletter and notification to members of meetings and history related events.

Other data from members (eg. research interests) may be invited from time to time, with the reason for its proposed collection. Such data is collected in a format approved by The Survey of Lincoln’s Executive Committee.

A member is presumed to permit such data recording and handling by joining or renewing their subscription, however their consent to the data held or handled by The Survey of Lincoln may be withdrawn or amended at any time.

Responsibility for ensuring that The Survey of Lincoln discharges its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is that of the Chairperson of The Survey of Lincoln. The Survey of Lincoln shall comply with the Data Sharing Code of Practice as published by the Information Commissioner’s Office. Members of The Survey of Lincoln may contact the Chairperson to ascertain the information it holds upon them to which The Survey of Lincoln must respond with such data within 28 days.

Executive Committee members of The Survey of Lincoln may have access to members' data in order to carry out the tasks of the organisation. On occasion, subcontractors for The Survey of Lincoln may be given access to the data in order to perform specific tasks (eg distribution of booklets) but they shall not use it for any purpose other than that for which they have been given the data. Except as indicated above or in its Constitution, The Survey of Lincoln will not supply members’ personal data to any other organisation.

Where appropriate, and specifying the reason, The Survey of Lincoln may, at its discretion, retain its former members' data for up to six years.

As the Survey’s publications are available to the general public The Survey of Lincoln may compile and maintain a list of its direct customers and the books they have purchased. Such purchasers may at any time request such data is not maintained for them and The Survey of Lincoln must then remove such data with immediate effect.

This Data Protection and Information Security Policy (or any subsequent dated revision) is published on The Survey of Lincoln's website. Any proposed change must be notified to the membership, and shall take effect 42 days after the trustees have approved any change(s).