Lincoln's West End - A History (2008)

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Part 1 : (click image above)

Contents Page

Title Page

Introduction Andrew Walker p3

The West End’s early history and archaeology Michael J Jones p4

The West End in the Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods Alan Vince p5


Part 2: (click image above)

Between Paradise and a rubbish dump Chris Johnson p8

Plotting the nineteenth- and twentieth-century residential development of Lincoln’s West End Andrew Walker p11

Animal Houses in the West End Shirley Brook p15

The West End Depot Maurice Hodson p19

Dawber’s Brewery Maurice Hodson p21


Part 3: (click image above)

Brickmaking in the West End of Lincoln Ken Redmore p24

West End high tech industry Colin Smith p28

Map of the West End Dave Watt p32

Churches and chapels of the West End Arthur Ward p34

The racecourse Rob Wheeler p37

The Royal Show at Lincoln, 1907 Andrew Walker p40

Golf on the West Common Colin Reiners p45


Part 4: (click above)

The West Common at War: Number Four Acceptance Park Ann Yeates-Langley p50

The contemporary West End: continuity, change and challenges Nigel Horner p53