Monks Road: Lincoln's East End through Time

Monks Road: Lincoln's East End through Time

Reprinted and now available: The Survey of Lincoln is grateful to Bishop Grosseteste University for its generous financial contribution towards the production costs of the reprinted version of

The Monk’s Road district today is a vibrant part of the city accommodating a socially diverse group of people. This work examines the development of the area from Roman times to the present, showing how social, cultural and economic changes have left their mark. Known as ‘Baggerholmgate’ in the early 19th century, when it was depicted in paintings as a pleasant wooded track providing dramatic views of the cathedral, today’s Monk’s Road is primarily a product of the last two centuries.

A fascinating and very readable account of the Monks Road area, from Roman times to the Arboretum and modern housing.

ISBN 978-0-9538650-1-7 £5.95

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