Pubs and Parliamentary Expenditure 1857 -1862

Lincoln's Pubs and Parliamentary Expenditure 1857 -1862: Candidates' Expenses (Beryl George)

The information in the table below was extracted from the candidates' expenses declared at the Parliamentary elections of 1857, 1859 and 1862, where it related to the public house trade in Lincoln.

The main 'committee room' was where the candidate's committee was based during the election, but there could be other district committee rooms (near polling places), as indicated in the table.

Transport costs usually involved paying the landlord to send a vehicle and driver to bring a voter to Lincoln from the surrounding villages. When the landlord of the main committee room was unable to provide all the transport needed, other premises got the benefit. It is difficult to make meaningful modern equivalents of the value of sums given, but comparisons between candidates - and across the three elections - can be of interest.