Brayford Pool: Lincoln's Waterfront Through Time

This eighth volume in the Surve

Brayford Pool: Lincoln's waterfront through time

This booklet explores the district surrounding one of Lincoln’s best-known geographical features, Brayford Pool. In common with other volumes in the series, a wide timescale is covered, with chapters ranging from the prehistoric to the early twenty-first century.As is made clear in the varied chapters which make up the collection, this part of the city has changed immeasurably over the years. Brayford Pool itself has undergone significant transformation and today occupies a considerably smaller area than it did in the early days of human settlement. During a large part of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the banks of Brayford Pool accommodated workshops, maltings, mills and warehouses. Throughout much of this period, Brayford Pool was not regarded as it is today as a tourist destination. Indeed, the water flowing out of the mid-Victorian Brayford Pool was described in one report in 1870 as ‘seething, festering, bubbling and emanating a stench.’

In common with previous volumes in the series, this work examines the buildings and other structures within the district, both past and present. Arguably, since the 1960s, Brayford Pool constitutes the most radically transformed part of Lincoln’s city centre. The chapters within this collection aim to capture the changing face of Brayford Pool, recording its various roles as a centre of trade and industry, a transport hub, and, most recently, a site of leisure and learning.

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ANDREW WALKER Introduction

MICHAEL J. JONES The archaeology of Brayford Pool

CHRIS JOHNSON A fishing industry based on the Brayford?

MAURICE HODSON The Holmes, judges and cowkeepers

ROB WHEELER Drainage and Brayford Pool

DENNIS MILLS Brayford Pool and George Giles’ Sanitary Report of 1849

CHRIS PAGE Thomas Sawdon, machine maker and Sawdon’s Yard

ANN YEATES-LANGLEY Harrison’s Malleable Iron Works

ANDREW WALKER Trade and industry on Brayford Pool, c. 1850-1980

CHRIS LESTER Lincoln Corporation Electricity Works

DAVE WATT Map of the district

STEWART SQUIRES The Brayford bridges

ANDREW WALKER A dramatic proposal on the Brayford

DAVID SLEIGHT Representations of Brayford Pool

ARTHUR WARD Modern development on Brayford Wharf North:

the architecture of Hugh Segar (Sam) Scorer

LESLEY CLARKE The University of Lincoln

ANDREW WALKER Boats on Brayford Pool in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

NIGEL HORNER Brayford Pool pleasure boating: past and present

HEATHER HUGHES The development of Brayford Pool as a leisure space in the city

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