Table 4

Table 4 Lincoln: 1901 and 1911 populations by civil parish

Table 4 Lincoln: 1901 and 1911 populations by civil parish

Source: 1911 Census General Report, Table 13, p.466.


1.The report states that these civil parishes were consolidated in the (new) Civil Parish of Lincoln under the Local Government Board Order No. 49,039, 1 April 1907. It is worth remarking that the 1911 census was taken within ward boundaries, but care was taken also to calculate the populations of the former civil parishes, for the sake of continuity.

2. The civil parishes named after saints were co-terminous with the ancient ecclesiastical parishes. Those not so named had been extra-parochial areas. Cold Bath House was at the top of the Arboretum, where there formerly stood a windmill. The Monks Liberty was the area either side of Monks Road beyond the limits of St Swithin’s parish, approximately starting at the Arboretum and going eastwards to the city boundary. In 1904 this became All Saints ecclesiastical parish (Kelly’s Directory, 1922). It is also worth noting, although no extra-parochial area was involved, that St Mary-le-Wigford included a large area on either side of West Parade to the west of St Martin’s parish. Kelly 1922 states that this became St Faith’s ecclesiastical district, with a separate register starting in 1899. (See also Table 3).