1828 Valuation - the next stage

An opportunity to help!

We have placed on-line maps of the 110 individual precincts, along with the list of properties for each. We know that the valuers worked their way round in a regular way. So we can work out approximately where any particular property is on the map. What we would like is to know exactly where it was. The biggest problem is that there are no detailed maps covering the whole city until 1842; but there are lease plans for some plots that are close in date to 1828. Besides, the extent of change between 1828 and 1842 was often quite small.

So far very few precincts have been covered in this way (links below), but they can serve as examples of the sort of thing that is possible. We would encourage members (and others) to take on a precinct or two: it is much more satisfying than doing a crossword!