GS Blakey (1840-1921) - Clayton & Shuttleworth director

George Shirtcliffe Blakey's father was a Scothern farmer; his mother was sister to Nathaniel Clayton's wife. Born in 1840, he moved with his family to North Mimms, Hertfordshire in 1850. In 1855, he started work at the Clayton & Shuttleworth works as a Gentleman Apprentice. He remained at Stamp End until at least 1871, but later moved to the firm's Vienna establishment, where by 1901 he was Managing Director.

From 1 Jan 1912, Clayton & Shuttleworth merged its Vienna branch with its main Austrian competitor, retaining a shareholding in the combined firm, Hoffherr-Schrantz-Clayton-Shuttleworth AG (HSCS). GS Blakey remained in Vienna, apparently acting as Clayton & Shuttleworth's director on the HSCS board.

From internal evidence, these reminiscences of his school days were written in Vienna in 1918 or early 1919. They were typed up in the 1980s: the reader will notice instances where an unfamiliar place-name has been misread. Overall they provide a remarkable picture of Scothern in the 1840s and of later schooling in Hertfordshire, along with tantalising glimpses of the affairs of Clayton & Shuttleworth.

They were supplied by the writer's great-grandson, who had contacted the Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology from Australia seeking information about Clayton & Shuttleworth, and was put in touch with Rob Wheeler.


  • GS Blakey (1840-1921) - Clayton & Shuttleworth director

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