Lincoln's West End Revisited

Many thanks to's Senior Reporter Paul Whitelam for the article published on 25/12/2022 referring to Charles Parker's chapter on West Common's use as an airstrip:

and also another on 27/12/2022 referring to Adam Cartwright's chapter on pubs in the West End:

Covering over 200 years of history, this work examines the development of Lincoln’s distinctive West End neighbourhood. Chapters plot its growth as an important residential district.

The West End’s history as a workplace is emphasised with chapters examining businesses based there, including waterproof fabric makers, timber manufacturers, gasworks, brickyards and a chemical works.

The West End pubs, used by many of these workers, are also placed under the spotlight. The significance of the Fossdyke which runs along the southern border of the district is considered. The work also pays attention to the City and County Councils’ presence in the district, as well as the Corporation’s stables. Educational and medical provision is explored.

Several chapters focus upon the West Common during pandemics, wars and, in more peaceful times, as a site for fairs, sport and leisure.

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This booklet complements the earlier booklet "Lincoln's West End - A History" which is out of print.