Lincs Co-op helps The Survey of Lincoln!

Lincolnshire Co-operative came to the rescue in March 2018 by arranging for us to use a small area of warehouse space to house our stock of booklets.

Between June 8th and September 6th 2014, The Survey of Lincoln was the Lincolnshire Co-operative's 'Community Champion' for the Moorland Avenue store area. We received a contribution every time a Lincs Co-op dividend card user resident in the Moorlands area made a Co-op purchase. This produced a total of £550.24 towards our publication costs.

Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd also invited the Secretary to represent The Survey of Lincoln at the Official Opening of the new Parklands Food Store and Post Office. The new store, on the site of the former Parklands Inn in Boultham Park Road, has replaced the store on Moorlands Avenue. At the Official Opening, Lincs Co-op's President gave us a cheque for £250.

The Survey of Lincoln thanks Lincolnshire Co-operative Society Ltd

for its interest and generous support.