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Booklet Series


As part of our work, we continue to produce a series of booklets focussing upon particular parts of the city. Our intention is eventually to cover all the city, returning to some areas to examine additional aspects. 








The first booklet in the series was 

Wigford: Historic Lincoln South of the River

This was followed by Monks Road: Lincoln's East End through Time (reprinted in 2015).



Lincoln's West End: A History was published in 2008, as well as Lincoln's Allotments - A History which considered existing and former allotment sites across the city.


In 2009 we published Uphill Lincoln I: Burton Road, Newport and the Ermine Estate, (reprinted in 2016) and then covered the area to its east the next year with Uphill Lincoln II: The North-Eastern Suburbs.
 Our 2011 booklet studied South East Lincoln: Canwick Road, South Common, St Catherine’s and Bracebridge.
In November 2012 we launched Brayford Pool - Lincoln's Waterfront Through Time.
2013 saw the publication of Boultham & Swallowbeck: Lincoln's South-western Suburbs, and we completed our first circuit of the suburbs in 2014 with Birchwood, Hartsholme & Swanpool: Lincoln's Outer South-western Suburbs

March 2015 brought Lincoln's Castle, Cathedral and Close, and November that year we published Lincoln's City Centre North of the River Witham

In November 2016 we returned to the area to the south of the river with  Lincoln's City Centre South of the River Witham

November 2017 saw the launch of Pubs in Lincoln: A History

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All are available for purchase from The Survey of Lincoln and from good booksellers and some other outlets in Lincoln.
If you wish to buy copies of one or more publications (postage extra, collection by arrangement), please contact:
Geoff Tann
The Survey of Lincoln
23 Spa Buildings
We are always pleased to consider supplying booklets to booksellers and other suitable outlets in Lincoln and beyond.
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