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The Survey of Lincoln is grateful to Bishop Grosseteste University for its generous financial contribution towards the production costs of the reprinted version of 
Monks Road: Lincoln's East End through Time

Chairman's Introduction
The aim of The Survey of Lincoln is to compile and publish information about the history of the city. Historical documents, archaeology, architectural features and local topography - they all have a part to play in building a vivid picture of what Lincoln was like. Who the earlier inhabitants were, what they did, and where they lived is all part of the giant historical jigsaw we are slowly piecing together.
Take a look through our site and find out what our members are doing for this project. Read through some of our earlier publications, send us your views and please join us if you enjoy what you find.
For £4 a year you receive half-yearly issues of our newsletter The Lincoln Enquirer, and a launch discount on our booklets and our other publications.
Chris Johnson
Members of The Survey of Lincoln during an interval at the 2011 AGM
held upstairs in the historic St Mary's Guildhall, High Street, Lincoln.