Lincoln’s Engineering Industries: A Concise History, c.1780-1980s

Lincoln’s Engineering Industries: A Concise History, c.1780-1980s (edited by Andrew Walker) is A5 portrait format, 112 pages, cover price £9.50. ISBN 978-0-9931263-6-9 The title is repeated on the spine.

This collection explores the important contribution made by the city of Lincoln over more than 200 years to the engineering industry. Attention is paid to the fortunes of Lincoln’s ‘big four’ companies, all with international reputations – Clayton & Shuttleworth, William Foster & Co., Robey & Co. and Ruston, Proctor & Co. (later Ruston & Hornsby) – but also to smaller, innovative and sometimes short-lived firms. The work examines how the focus of the city’s engineering production changed over time, from largely agricultural engineering in the Victorian period to a more diverse range of outputs in the twentieth century, epitomised during the First World War by the city becoming a major site of aircraft production and the birthplace of the tank. Emphasis is placed upon the later development and manufacture of products such as those related to railway and road transport, excavators, gas turbines and semiconductors. The work emphasises the need for this important part of the city’s history to be cherished, and engineering’s continuing significant contribution to Lincoln’s present and future to be celebrated.


  • Lincoln’s engineering industries: an overview - ANDREW WALKER

  • Some of Lincoln’s early engineering businesses and iron foundries - CHRIS PAGE

  • The rise and fall of Clayton & Shuttleworth - ROB WHEELER

  • Duckering’s Iron Foundry, 1845-1962 - MARK DUCKERING

  • William Foster & Company - ANDREW WALKER

  • John Cooke & Sons - HUGH COOKE

  • Robey & Company - ADAM CARTWRIGHT

  • From Ruston, Burton & Proctor to Ruston, Proctor & Co. Ltd, 1857-1900 - LESLEY CLARKE

  • Benjamin Taplin, Joseph Lee and the Patent 49 Crank and Traction Engine Works - NICHOLAS MOORE

  • Clarke’s Crank & Forge Company - ANDREW WALKER

  • Map - DAVE WATT

  • John Thomas Brown Porter and the Gowts Bridge Foundry - NICHOLAS MOORE

  • W. Rainforth & Sons - ADAM CARTWRIGHT

  • Harrison & Co. (Lincoln) Ltd – The Malleable Iron Works - KEN REDMORE

  • Local street furniture made in Lincoln - ARTHUR WARD

  • Ruston’s, c.1900-45: planes, trains, and automobiles - ABIGAIL HUNT

  • Aircraft production in the First World War - CHARLES PARKER

  • The decline and fall of Ruston Bucyrus: a personal recollection - DEREK BROUGHTON

  • Electronic manufacture in Lincoln to the 1980s and beyond - COLIN SMITH

  • Lincoln’s engineering heritage - HEATHER HUGHES AND TOM KITCHEN

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