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Thousands of Lincoln residents have cultivated an allotment plot. In wartime, their contributions to feeding the city have been valued. In peacetime, allotment sites have thrived and declined with changing lifestyles. This study explores the origins of Lincoln's allotment plots and provides a glimpse of social trends which prompted the development, and at times led to the closure, of the city's many different allotment sites, past and present.

Stockists of this title should include:
The Survey of Lincoln (by email)
Waterstones (High Street, Lincoln)
Waterstones (Exchange Arcade, Cornhill, Lincoln)
Jews Court Bookshop, Lincoln.
Lincolnshire Archives
Ruddocks of Lincoln (High Street)
Pennells Garden Centres (North Hykeham)

Wilgress Books (Newton House, 38 Grantham Street;

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