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South-East Lincoln: Canwick Road, South Common, St Catherine’s and Bracebridge

South-East Lincoln:

Canwick Road, South Common, St Catherine’s and Bracebridge



This volume in the Survey of Lincoln’s booklet series contains chapters examining the buildings and structures of the south-eastern part of the city. It covers an area ranging from the industrial engineering works of Clayton and Shuttleworth in the north through to Bracebridge Low Fields in the south. The district covered also includes the Sincil Bank residential area, South Park, South Common, St Catherine’s, Newark Road, and Bracebridge.

The district explored adjoins those covered in two earlier volumes in the series, Wigford: Historic Lincoln South of the River, and Monks Road: Lincoln's East End Through Time.

The booklet explores a wide time frame from the prehistoric period through to the early 21st century. Various chapters focus upon the industries which were located in the area from industrial engineering and gas works to food processing. A wide range of housing is explored, form the workers’ homes of the Sincil Bank area to the grander Bracebridge Hall. Transport featured prominently in the area: chapters on railways and trams and the buildings and structures associated with them are included. Drainage is an important feature in the district and is given due attention. Leisure activities are also considered: Lincoln City’s football ground is located at the heart of the district and the various recreational uses of the South Common are examined, including the agricultural shows, fairs and circuses that have appeared temporarily on the site. Places of worship and containment, such as a hospital for lepers, and final resting places are also investigated.


                ANDREW WALKER Introduction

                MICHAEL J. JONES Archaeology of the south-eastern suburbs

                CHRIS JOHNSON The Hospital of the Holy Sepulchre

                ANN YEATES-LANGLEY The Malandry

                MAURICE HODSON Eastwards from Swan’s Paddock

                ROB WHEELER Housing development between Sincil Dyke and Canwick Road

                MARY LUCAS AND RICHARD LUCAS  St Catherine’s: the birth of a Victorian suburb

                CHRIS PAGE Chartist housing on Brant Road

                GEOFF TANN From Bracebridge Hall to Grosvenor Hall

                CHRIS JOHNSON Canwick Road and Robey’s

                MIRIAM SMITH The growth and decline of the manufacturing firm of Clayton &Shuttleworth

                KEN REDMORE The Bracebridge Gasworks

                GEOFF TANN   Number 255 Newark Road:

                                        Walker’s Snack Foods/Smith’s Crisps Factory/Herring’s Nurseries

                STEWART SQUIRES The Lincoln to Grantham Railway

                DAVE WATT Map of the district

                MAURICE HODSON ‘High Street to Bracebridge for one penny’: Lincoln’s trams, 1882-1929

                STEWART SQUIRES Bridges in the neighbourhood

                ROB WHEELER Drainage in the neighbourhood: the importance of Sincil Dyke

                ARTHUR WARD Places of worship in the neighbourhood

                DEREK BROUGHTON The Canwick Road cemeteries and crematorium

                GEOFF TANN Account by C.W. Pennell concerning pollution damage to the

                                      Pennell’s Lowfields Nursery, 1894

                DONALD NANNESTAD Sincil Bank stadium

           ANDREW WALKER Agricultural shows, circuses & fairs on the South Common, 1854 to the present

                NIGEL HORNER Park, Lincoln South and St Catherine’s: fusions and futures




£6.95                                                                                                   ISBN 978-0-9538650-6-2

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