19th Century Lincoln Parishes map

Key to nineteenth-century parish boundary map of Lincoln

This map is based on the plan of Lincoln by Padley and Thropp, 1883, with the exception of the southern corner of St Botolph’s parish which does not appear on the Padley plans.  The boundary of this area is as shown on Dewhirst and Nichols’ 1839 map and partly on the OS 25-inch plan of 1885-86.  Minor changes to some divided parishes and extra-parochial areas were recorded in the 1891 census report as occurring in 1888.  Nevertheless, the transfer of the Monks Liberty north of Greetwell Road to St Peter-in-Eastgate parish was recorded on the OS six-inch map, sheet Lincs. LXX.NE, surveyed in 1886. 

See sections 3 and 7 for more detail and/or D R Mills and R C Wheeler (eds), Historic Town Plans of Lincoln 1610-1920, Lincoln Record Society for the Survey of Lincoln, vol.92 (Lincoln, 2004), from which the map is reproduced  (Map drawn by Joan Mills).




Extra-Parochial Places

Be   Benedict

N     Nicholas

Ba    Cold Bath House

Bo   Botolph

Pa   Peter-at-Arches

Bi     Bishop’s Palace

J     John

Pb   Paul-in-the-Bail

Ca   County Asylum

Mg  Margaret-in-the-Close

Pe   Peter-in-Eastgate

Cd   Castle Dykings

Mi   Michael-on-the-Mount

Pg   Peter-at-Gowts

Cp   Castle Prison

Mk  Mark

S     Swithin

My  Monks Liberty

Mm Mary Magdalene



Mt  Martin



Mw Mary-le-Wigford

Ca   Canwick Parish